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Electronic ER just makes cents!

Electronic ER was created to ensure extra care and professional quality restoration for insurance companies and their insureds. Many times a water or contents technician is unfamiliar with the special methods necessary for handling electronic components. This can present multiple problematic situations. Electronic ER provides electronic technicians to properly handle, salvage, and fully restore what typically would be a “totaled” item.  This saves the insurance company money on the loss and it reduces the liability of someone who is unqualified mishandling the items. We always make it our priority to save the insurance company the most money.

We are the experts for all your electronic restoration needs.

  • Electronics packout & moveback
  • Electronics disconnect & reconnect
  • Inspections (on-site & in-house)
  • Diagnosis Reports – Cause of loss
  • On-Site cleaning
  • Data Recovery
  • Internal circuit restoration
  • Pre-wiring during Reconstruct
  • Government Confidentiality
4 Steps to Restoration


We consult with the adjuster to determine the scope of damage which includes a detailed report determining true cause of loss.


Sometimes it is necessary to remove the equipment and/or parts to our facility and prepare for cleaning.


If needed, items are intricately serviced, neutralizing any contamination. We customize our solutions to each product.


The item goes through its final testing process and is then fully reassembled.
Often, the first thing that people want to do is start removing all of the electronics from their original “pre-loss” location, but you should leave them alone and call ElectronicER to handle the disconnect.

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